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Growing up:

Germaine was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She started taking ballet and acrobatics classes at age 3. Her God Mother gave her everything and insisted on giving her classes ln all styles of dance, voice, acting violin, and swimming. She had great teachers, who were very strict and demanding. She developed a passion for dance, by watching the Variety shows on television that showcased dancers, singers, musicians, and comedians. Their glitz and glamor made her dream of becoming a great tap dancer.


Education and Experience:
Germaine believes that getting a good education is very important.  She has a BA, in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Child Psychology.  She is an MA, candidate with a concentration in Musical Theatre and Dance.  She loves teaching dance classes, and has been an Adjunct Professor in many of the Universities here on the East Coast, as well as those in Southern, CA.  She teaches here in New York City, at Steps on Broadway, and at the Ripley-Grier (520) Studios on a regular basis.  Germaine has taught and worked with the legendary Jazz Dance Masters: Matt Mattox, Frank Hatchett, and Steven Peck.  She has taught workshops, boot camps and classes with legendary Tap Dance Masters:  Henry Le Tang, Buster Brown, and Eddie Wright.  Germaine had her own dancing school, while attending Graduate school, in CA. 


Extensive Training and Performance:  
Germaine has performed in Commercials, Prime time TV shows, Feature films, Dance Companies, Musical Productions in Regional and Community Theatres.  She has performed in the Off-Broadway production, “BACK in the BIG TIME,” with Harold Nicholas.  She performed on Broadway, in “BLACK and BLUE,” and Duke Ellington’s “PLAY ON!”  She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, and AGVA, theatre unions.  

She moved to NY and got her big break dancing and traveling with famous Tap stars and the legendary, velvet Tap Master and Choreographer, Henry Le Tang.  Henry Choreographed Broadway/Off-Broadway shows.  He created the Rhythm Queens, for the film, “THE COTTON CLUB,” which was originally a tap trio. Germaine and her dance partner, Deborah Mitchell, are now a tap duo.  The highlight of their career was traveling and performing as the opening act for the legendary, Singer/band leader, Cab Calloway. 


Philosophy:  Live, Love, Dance!
Tap is my Life!  I Love what I do and I’ve been dancing for a long time.  I strive on being a great teacher.  My students inspire me.  I teach in NY, but enjoy teaching Master Tap classes in the US, NORWAY, ASIA and FRANCE.  I encourage my students to be disciplined, work hard, persevere, and focus in reaching their goals.  They must follow their dreams. I am living proof that dreams do come true. Tap is great for your health.

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