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I have been very fortunate to teach so many wonderful students and I love to share my knowledge of tap dancing and inspire my students to love this wonderful art form. 

Here are some reviews from some of my students. If you want to leave me a review after studying with me, please click here and let me know your thoughts.

Faye Cain,

Approximately 30 years ago, I took tap classes from you at Broadway Dance and at Ailey's. ( Every time I happened to be in the city) You taught me how to do pullbacks and wish to thank you for your patience and knowledge. I always loved being in your classes.




Jo Turner,

Ms. Goodson is a teacher's teacher; proficient, knowledgeable, kind and a LOT of fun! I am amazed at how she keeps all levels engaged - truly masterful!




Larissa Lyn

What you will get when you take tap class with this woman: challenge, love, heart, laughs, and JOY.
Germaine—thank you for making me smile, for caring about my progress and the progress of everyone present, and for always believing in me. You’ve brought me so much joy over the years...but especially in your classes these past few weeks! 💜💜💜

Emily Adams, President of The New Florida Follies 
What a godsend to find Germaine Goodson at Steps on Broadway! Even though the pandemic has meant virtual classes, Germaine has been able to personalize and individualize her teaching to each student’s needs. I have improved so much in technique, balance, musicality, and confidence. I can’t wait to get back on the stage in South Florida to put my new skills to work. 


Melvin Washington,

Her professional skills as a performer, teacher, and just being the wonderful person that she is (which comes naturally)




Michael Blanco,

Germaine Goodson is a fantastic tap teacher and a wonderful person!



Trixy Godhart, Luxembourg,

I absolutely loved your energy and advice, and appreciated your kindness and willingness to cater to everyones need. You inspire me to keep trying. 

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